Premium Eco Mat: PU Rubber 4mm GREY

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100% natural tree rubber gives your pose a superior cushion and firm base 1mm layer thin PU provides excellent grip, antislip protection, safety and comfort, clear printed guide marks on mat helps you to align your pose and improve your practice. These mats are non toxic, free from PVC and phthalates. How to take care of your mat clean the PU layer with a soft, damp cloth and hang to dry in the air. Do not use a hard brush. Do not use a dryer or heater to dry mat. Do not expose mat to high heat. Initially, your natural tree rubber yoga mat will produce a typical rubber scent. Please air the mat by storing it in a cool ventilated space. Weight: 1.6kg to 3.0kg Size: L 183cm x W 61cm Thick: 2mm/4mm/5mm Material: PU + Natural Rubber Color: Purple / Black /Grey Currently 3 days delivery time.
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